I’ve embraced MQTT as my preferred method of gathering device information. The latest project was to interface to my AR844 Sound Meter.   The meter has a USB interface and comes with some Windows XP software to read the data.   I managed to get it to run once on my Windows… Continue Reading AR844 Sound Meter MQTT Publisher

This project has been a long time coming.   Version 1.0 was a bit buggy, and the plastic container didn’t hold up well… Version 2.0 has the following updates… Aluminium enclosure ST “blue pill” microcontroller OLED 20×4 character display Storm ® illuminated keypad Stepper encoder input to monitor missed steps Spindle input… Continue Reading Rotary Controller 2.0

Introduction New hobby! (yes another).   I am in awe of 1:87 micro-modelling.   That is taking a 1:87 scale (HO train scale) vehicles and making them radio controlled.   Cars, trucks and construction vehicles are the popular conversions.   See the YouTube channel   Der Theoretiker   to see the exciting world of micro-modelling.   So instead of… Continue Reading STM32 Custom OpenTX Transmitter