Introduction New hobby! (yes another).  I am in awe of 1:87 micro-modelling.  That is taking a 1:87 scale (HO train scale) vehicles and making them radio controlled.  Cars, trucks and construction vehicles are the popular conversions.  See the YouTube channel  Der Theoretiker   to see the exciting world of micro-modelling.  So instead… Continue Reading STM32 Custom OpenTX Transmitter

If a hypocycloid gearbox is driven quickly, the eccentric driving the cam will cause vibrations.  An easy fix for this is to drive 2 cams, mirrored in their action. This means the eccentric, needs to be a dual eccentric… As there are now 2 cams, this means twice as many… Continue Reading 3d printed Hypocycloidic gearboxes IV

Finally, combining all the experimentation we have the real version 1.0.  This is made up of 2 components; the inner output section, and the outer roller pin section. The inner section gets assembled first, then inserted in the outer section.   This is just a short post.  Version 1.1 is… Continue Reading 3d printed Hypocycloidic gearboxes III

Those watching carefully would have noticed that the reduced rotating stage, rotates with an eccentric movement.  This isn’t very useful unless you require an eccentric output.  The standard way of converting the eccentric motion back to concentric rotation is to use an output disk with roller pins, rolling in circles… Continue Reading 3d printed Hypocycloidic gearboxes II