I gave up trying to fix the Harmonic gearbox when I saw some examples of DIY hypocycloidic gearboxes. I think I saw this on youtube first – And then a bit of googling led me to a commercial producer,  Darali Drives , and then  to Zincland!    http://www.zincland.com/hypocycloid/ , where the author not… Continue Reading 3d printed Hypocycloidic gearboxes I

The “goto” zero backlash gearbox for hobbyists is normally the harmonic gearbox (strain wave gearbox).  There are many geometric variants of this gearbox made by manufacturers such as Harmonic Drive.  These are expensive gearboxes (I’ve heard $2k in small quantities), and are still very pricey second hand on ebay. The… Continue Reading 3d Printed Harmonic Gearboxes